The Quran App

Enjoy the divine words of Allah anytime, anywhere with the Quran in English app. For native English speakers, you can have the Holy Quran in English with you all the time on your mobile phone or tablet.

As a Muslim, you need to have a copy of the Quran always with you. Reading from Al Quran Al Kareem is a daily task that is essential and cannot be ignored. Having the Holy Quran on your smartphone or tablet is a great idea if you do not have the time to stay at home and read the holy Quran from a paper Mushaf; you can read Al Quran Al Kareem on your way to work or school, or when you are heading back home, traveling, walking, jogging, or having a break at work.


This app is a Quran explorer where you can explore and read the Holy Quran in the official English translation – even when you are offline! It will help you have the Holy Quran with you all the time, wherever you are.

This application has the exact same Arabic text of the Holy Quran found in all versions of the original paper Holy Quran, and it has been carefully authenticated. And the English translation is the official version.

After installing the Quran in English application on your smartphone or other mobile device, you won’t need any internet connection to use it. Browse and read the official English translation in clear font, move easily between the pages forward or backwards, and feel at peace knowing you have the complete Quran in your pocket, with no Wi-Fi or data connection required!

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